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Vacation in Nida is exceptional. The Curronian Lagoon is one of the most beautiful places on the Lithuanian seaside.  Beautiful settlements - Preila, Juodkrantė, Pervalka, Nida,  established there offer a calm relaxation from city noise and fast life, with the Baltic Sea on one side, and the Curronian Lagoon on the other side of the Curronian belt.

Nida invites you to watch the sun shining in the noon, the dunes, the green forests, and seaside sand. Your vacation in Nida, the unique place of nature will be unforgettable.  

During the sunrise and sunset the nature dresses up with even more colourful clothes. Breaking morning makes the pitches of dunes yellow-reddish, the shades cover the dunes, wraps the forests and the coast with bluish mist. Sunset reflections light up the western sand dunes and the lagoon. Curronian Lagoon in the place of unique and harmonious nature which cannot be found anywhere else in Lithuania.

Neringa landscape is made as of colourful glass collars, reflecting beautiful combinations of different colours and forms of the nature.

No other place is so unique; the most unique place is that which is deeply felt. Each sand grain, each tree and wave tells a rich and uncommon history of old Curronian habitants.

Holiday in Nida is the best solution you will ever choose; holiday in winter when you are thirst of calmness, in spring when you desire to feel incredible tricks of the nature, in summer when you need unforgettable experiences, and in autumn for something new and inexperienced. Welcome to Nida any time!